What does it mean?

This is my interpretation of the dream in yesterday’s post.

Overall, the feeling of the dream was that everything is okay. I’ve been managing with one hand, but in a dangerous situation. I felt that overall my priorities were right, that this was the way it had to be, even though I was doing too much at once. There was acceptance at all levels, except when I tried to ask someone else to drive.

Symbolically, I see the car as my body – frail, open, careering very fast, and out of control. But it is the thing that contains me, and all my time, represented by my oldest love (Granny) and my youngest love (my son). The past is no longer capable of managing, directing my body, and it never was (Granny didn’t ever learn to drive). The future is not yet ready to take over. So I have to keep directing it.

I was doing it distractedly, one-handedly, successfully too, even though it was difficult, a drag, and I was constantly nearly smashing into one obstacle after another – many potentially lethal moments.

The present (me) has been focussed on other prioritised business, and that was right – I see this as spiritual development, ‘living’, loving and being with people that I love, up until now.

However, now I am in the valley of the police. I don’t know why, but I see the police as the cancer cells. In a dark valley, apparently a threat, something to be frightened of, something that must be appeased. Perhaps I will lose my licence to drive this body at all! And there are multitudes of them, potentially very forceful.

But they are smiling, friendly, going about their business, nodding in passing. This I find puzzling. I think perhaps the dream source doesn’t see pain and suffering, even death, as unfriendly or aggressive, but as part of a system of protection? Also, their path is their own path – they are just incidentally blocking mine, not intentionally.

The most positive thing though is that I feel that if I concentrate, just for now, on navigating through them, I may be able to. And I have to. There is no other choice. This is now the priority. If I collide with them, there will be no more trip to be on. But I feel that I can do it.

Note, the dream itself doesn’t promise that I can do it. I woke up while still going through the multitudes of them, that were blocking the way very effectively. But I felt sure that I could. That I was, doing it. And it was okay.

When I woke up I had a plan of what to do next, with doctors and hospitals and phone calls and roles for different people. This was even before I remembered the dream. The main thing is to keep my mind on the driving, keep my hands on the wheel. I hope I can.



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2 responses to “What does it mean?

  1. Dear Kim,

    here is a possible interpretation:

    The car: is your life
    The drive: is your current path in life, out of control, a life and death situation.
    The grandmother and the child: both unable to drive, as they are not the drivers of your life.
    The driver: is you (you are the driver of your life), but you refuse to be in charge of the situation (why?).
    The main business: what is it? The main business is not definded. While driving, the concentration should be on the driving, being the driver, being in charge, dealing with the road, the mud, the turns and the twists.
    The mud: being bogged down, the twist and turns are “the real thing”, life in all its shades and forms, the good and the bad, health and sickness etc. but you are concentrating on something else (what?).
    The dark valley: the cancer, the depression, illness, death, darkness (“the valley of death”)
    The police: are doctors, healers, family, friends, guardians, but they are friendly, so they are anyone who is a ‘friendly force’ in a very dark place. They remind you of: a) of your responsibility to be in the driver’s seat and b) of the urgency of the situation c) that the main thing is to focus on driving.
    Gin Tonics: pain killers, entertainment, things that interfere negatively with: driving (your path in life) being in control and being able to focus what is important (the driving).

    Hope this helps.


  2. Thank you. It does help. It seems to make more sense with regard to the police – and navigating through. Why am/was I not driving? What was I doing? I couldn’t say, even inside the dream it was something vague and undefined, but very important. The thing was, it was actually also right, very definitely right that I was doing whatever it was at the time I was doing it. At that time, the driving was secondary somehow, to my ‘purpose’ (vague and undefined) in life. But in the valley, it changed, and I knew that the driving was now the most important thing, at least for now.

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