The sun rises again

Today was a particularly good day. Particularly good after yesterday. Another reminder that things change.

In terms of externals, there was only a little change, but it was positive. Everything went smoothly, things became co-ordinated. There was enough time for everything, except this…I found a link to an on-line discussion forum about the new potential anti-cancer drug, dichloroacetate. But I don’t have time now to figure out how to get the link to work properly here. It is at

More info and links about dichloroacetate are available on faceache’s blog, which is linked in my blogroll on the right .



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2 responses to “The sun rises again

  1. This post came through in my Google Alert for dichloroacetate early on Friday morning (2/2/7).

    Thanks for the forum link.

    Even if dichloroacetate turns out to be a fizzer, it is a good reminder to us that, as you say, things can change and that each day that we survive makes it more likely that we may benefit from increasingly effective therapies.

    We can hope too, that many of those days can be good days.

  2. Sorry. My “forum link” above is incorrect and goes to the wrong place. I didn’t look carefully at the address when I pasted it in so I am not sure where I went wrong.

    I’ll try again:

    Thanks for the forum link.

    I really hope that I got it right this time. If not, I will leave it alone and we can move on.

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