Living with cancer

The words. I don’t like being called a ‘cancer victim’ – those are the worst words, and most people don’t use them. I refuse to be a victim. I’m not all that keen on ‘cancer patient’ either, because I’m more than a patient.

Being on ‘the cancer journey’ is okay, but I still feel it sounds like there is only one journey, and there are many. Also, it sounds like there is only one destination too! There is only one destination for everyone, actually, whether they have cancer or not. Everyone is on a life journey, cancer is just one type.

The best-feeling description to me is ‘person living with cancer’. Because living with it is what you are doing, until you stop breathing. Similarly, living with it is also what you are doing, even if you only ever had one malignant mole burned off – the feeling is never completely gone.

And living is what I’m trying to do, every day, every minute. Living in the moment, not worrying about the past and the future. And cancer actually helps you do this…some of the time, anyway.
Somebody said to me once, ‘I went to a meeting – there were people with cancer there, and normal people’.

Sigh. I’d love to be normal one day.


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  1. We can give words too much power. A dictionary definition of “victim” includes a person who is “suffering from a condition or circumstance”. I certainly feel that I am suffering from the condition of cancer and so I feel that the term could be applied to me correctly.

    The difficulty comes perhaps, when people cast one as a cancer victim and fail to see beyond that to the full, living person.

    In relation to cancer, I am also a cancer survivor; having also survived Hodgkins Disease in my 20s. I am also now again fighting cancer.

    “Normality” is not always an attractive condition. To quote the The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band: “If you’re normal, I intend to be a freak for the rest of my life”

    In terms of “normality”. A normal life expectancy is something that I would dearly love to have.

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