Ipod therapy or Dancing in the Dark

I made a new discovery last night – ipods. Of course, my kids have been connected to ipods for years – usually when I’m trying to discuss some serious and important topic with them, such as washing the dishes.

My main problem with ipods has been that I have small ear openings, and find most earphones uncomfortable. Also, in spite of Apple’s user-friendly image, I found the technology somewhat challenging – I’m not quite up to multi-function buttons that do different things at different times. And I keep trying to find a switch off button, but apparently it just knows when it’s off.

Anyway, last night I overcame all these hurdles. Mike got an ipod for his birthday, and he’d uploaded some playlists we’d put together over the years. I said I wasn’t interested in listening to music on the ipod, but I’d like to listen to some Radio National podcasts, so he got me All in the Mind and The Philosopher’s Zone.  So when I finished reading last night, I thought I’d listen to those and go to sleep.

Well. I won’t do that again. What possessed me to think that listening to discussions on consciousness and mind/body dualism would make me sleepy? By the time I’d listened to those, my mind was jumping about like a kangaroo, with no hint of sleepiness on the horizon. (a blog entry on those marsupial thoughts coming up soon too!) So I started listening to the music.

And what fun, what fun! I felt like a teenager in my room, totally tuned into the music in the dark. And before long I was bopping away in the bed, discovering that my new hip can wriggle pretty well and my feet can tap and my knees bend and my hands clap and click.

Now one of the things I’m meant to do in my bed-ridden, non-weight-bearing capacity, is exercises for my legs, to prevent deep vein thrombosis. I do them conscientiously, ten of this on one leg, ten on the other, 3 times a day at least – a good ten minutes or so. Last night I did the equivalent movements with much more enjoyment for about 2 hours. My hip which had been aching, stopped, and is better also today. My left ankle which had puffed up, puffed itself down again.

Who needs physio? Give everyone an ipod and let them get into some (real) horizontal dancing. And having fun. And living in the now. And feeling alive, and well, and invigorated. Partying on until 1.30am instead of moping.

Reckon I could set up some ipod therapy training?


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  1. When you need a break from dancing, this organisation, Librivox, provides unabridged readings of literature for listening on computer or downloading onto pods.

    The readings are by volunteers but I have so far only listened to The Warden by Anthony Trollope, which I enjoyed very much. They have hundreds of public domain books and much poetry available.

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