Simple things

The operation went well yesterday. I was very groggy afterwards, so I just slept between observations every hour or two. Then this morning I woke up feeling grumpy. Grumpy that my knee hurt, that I didn’t feel as mobile as I had been, that I couldn’t reach and find things easily, and that I was hungry. I was worried about propping the bed up in case it put more pressure on the knee. I felt too irritable to meditate or chant or even read more than a few pages. I did read a little of Readers Digest, it was just at my limit of concentration.

Then I got some painkillers, breakfast, washed, and discovered I could prop up the bed after all. I can see the cockatoos in the trees again. Mike came up and cheered me up and helped me get organised. The doctors say I can sit up today, try walking tomorrow, go home early next week. My chi kung teacher is coming up to visit soon. I have my computer back and the Boytown DVD to watch. Simple things, and everything is looking up again.


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