Chocolate temperature

The temperature in my hospital room is just right for chocolate. I don’t have to keep it cold. It is just soft and creamy and delicious. I’ve had a range of chocolate since being in here. It is one of the benefits, particularly as I am able to eat well at the moment.

I’ve had Herceptin today. It was completely trouble-free, even to the extent that 25 mg of phenergan (an antihistamine to combat potential allergy problems) did not put me to sleep at all. Not many months ago, 10 mg of phenergan would have knocked me out. I develop all kinds of tolerances.

It’s a bit scary, having started the Herceptin. It is my big hope for now. The scary thing is, what if it doesn’t work? But. What if it does? That is the better place to focus. Look how the chemo worked. And this, so much more comfortable.

I’ve been reading The Sunday Philosophy Club, which is also comfortable. A good book to read, with a drip in your arm. The drip will be coming out soon. I am going to request Voltaren, which I am to see if I can stop taking, for the good of my stomach, now I seem to have overcome other painkiller problems. Then when the physio comes, I will try some walking around. The knee is much better today, with only a narrow angle range causing pain. Being upright is okay, just a low angle to the ground is uncomfortable now.

A storm is brewing. They allege the monsoon trough is back. Perhaps there will be some more good lightning shows tonight.


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