Basking in radiance

I can go home tomorrow. I still can’t sit up so that my knee bends down to the ground, I’ll still have to keep working on that. That’s the main problem with getting about – getting from lying to sitting to standing. And even getting around in the wheelchair – a bit precarious with a leg stuck out in front. Doesn’t feel overwhelmingly secure – like I might run into things anywhere. Things that work, we take for granted. There is no way around this. We just do. I take my other leg, bending happily, for granted in the way that I took my knee moving up and down last week. I realise that if I sat here listing all the things that do work, well, I’d have no time for anything else at all. Most of me is working brilliantly well. The best thing is to bask in this, like sunshine. Not break it all up into bits. Just feel its radiance.  And I do make time for this. It is very refreshing. Strengthening. So much healing is happening, as well as waiting, and so many sources of strength have been provided for me.But sometimes I do work through lots of layers of everything that works. To feel overwhelmed in the magnificence of it.  Overwhelmingly healthy.Today the physio showed me how to use the good leg to lift the sore leg up and down off the bed. That is another breakthrough towards independent mobility.I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s electronic communication again in the next few days, back with my network. But being here, I have been comfortable, and rested, and entertained, and well looked after. I still feel lucky.    


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