I got home yesterday. It was tricky – my knee wouldn’t bend into the front seat, but we managed to lower the seat back enough for me to go back, and then forward again. Then I discovered the g-force of right turns on the knee was very painful. Next time (Monday, when I go up for my next Herceptin dose), I plan to sit in the back with something (I don’t know what yet) to try to immobilise the knee a bit more. However being here is good. It has been raining non-stop, beautiful monsoonal weather. Floods at Jabiru and

River though. Cool in the house, sometimes no fans on. It is great to breathe fresh air.
The movement range of the knee is still pretty limited. But I am finding it easier to keep it moving. Also, I sat up for a good 4 hours today, and kept the knee sliding up and down on a ramp as much as possible. I still need someone around for any movement, but I am getting more independent.


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