Frame Dancing

I had the Herceptin hospital trip today, and all went well.  Much easier sitting in the back of the car, using my right leg to stabilise the left. I did wrench the right a little on climbing back in, because the floor had a board on it, and it slipped a bit. But it not too bad. I could probably be sitting upright to type this. But it’s comfortable on the bed…Now I’m supposed to be getting mobile, it’s hard to find good reasons. Basically, I am pretty happy sitting down, lying down, feeling secure, not falling, not wrenching. I need to think of things to do that involve me moving about. I have managed a few toilet trips alone, and changed out of my long sleeve top from air con to short sleeve home. When I’m lying down, I try to remember to move the knee. Last night I woke up – I’d dreamt I was dancing – and my knee was moving up and down – still only a few centimetres, but quite freely. More dancing required. I wonder about dancing with a frame…dancing with a computer on my lap…yes, go on, plug the ipod back in.


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