Searching for big thoughts

I do find it irrelevant at the moment to start on any new big projects, in spite of my philosophical reflections on infinity. There is so much doubt from one day to the next. Or, more, one day to the next doesn’t seem all that important – just today. Enjoying today. To some extent, managing today. If I just do my ‘entertainments’, or if I just talk to my loving supporters, I do find myself weary and worn and meaningless at some point. The meditation and chanting work preventively on this – although not always. Sometimes I chant and cry. But I kind of let it flow. I’d like to write more, though, philosophically, spiritually. I’d like to let my mind expand into further dimensions while my body re-strengthens (I hope re-strengthens). My mind can exercise. I am reading, but still comfortably rather than too challengingly. I started to read The Great Wall, which is a history of
China told with the wall as a central motif to the narrative – but I find I prefer Friends, Lovers, Chocolate by Alexander McCall Smith. I find myself feeling very much like being in Isabel Dalhousie’s
Edinburgh world. Philosophy at a distance – a fictional moral philosopher (which is what Isabel is – she edits a Review of Moral Philosophy) who brushes lightly over various moral, philosophical, psychological, spiritual issues through an atmosphere of mild mystery and a Miss Marple-style nosiness.
However, I’ve finished both books about her that I know of – I’ll have to check the web for further. I’m now reading Does my head look big in this?, a young adult novel about an Australian-Islamic girl’s decision to start wearing the hijab. So far it is very good – very vividly, convincingly written, and showing Amal’s perceptiveness into a huge range of possible interpretations of her choice from many different viewpoints in her
Melbourne Year 11 culture.
In the evenings, I usually watch a DVD. I’ve watched a lot of Columbo. I’m sure that must be good for my brain…So. This is hardly the start of some big thoughts…or perhaps it is. Perhaps this is all that big thoughts are. Gradual outgrowths of lots of tiny thoughts. Neural networks re-establishing. Opiate-affected neural networks too…but real smart people (like Sherlock Holmes) are positively affected by these drugs, aren’t they? I haven’t noticed many positive effects, other than pain relief. The most important one.Maybe I’ll evolve some more thoughts over the week. First I’ll explore some other people’s.


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