Does my head look big in this?

I’ve read about 2/3 of Does my head look big in this? It is about being a young Australian Muslim female who wants to be all three of those components of her identity and be accepted as equally able to be all of them at once. The range of characters and responses to Amal’s decision to wear a scarf through Year 11 is interesting, and seems realistic to me. Amal’s parents support her decision, but only when they feel that Amal has made the decision herself. However, she has some family who are opposed to her decision, and who believe in assimilation to the extent of going overboard in being as ‘ocker’ as possible, much to the embarrassment of their children. Amal also has a very intelligent friend who also chooses to wear the hajib, but whose mother is very traditional and opposes her daughter’s desire for a career over an early marriage. However, this mother’s family, back in
Turkey, have moved on and are encouraging their daughters to study. Another, Anglo friend has a much more liberal mother – who gives her daughter a hard time for being slightly plump. In another Muslim family, the mother is an English convert.
It sounds a little like there is just a range of perspectives and no story – but the story is focused on Amal’s year, and her relationships with her friends and classmates. And a boy, Adam. That part I’m finding a little difficult at the moment – Amal seems to be playing at the idea of falling for him, but at the same time, holding herself back too much. I guess that’s just a personal thing – my own emotional experience has always been much more uncontrolled than that. Perhaps if I’d always had a ‘bigger’ cause I’d have had a different attitude always. Amal’s year is the year after Sept 11, and I’ve just got up to the
Bali bombing, which has added a new dimension.


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