Moving on

Today I had a shower in the shower. The other days I’ve had a shower in the bathroom, which has a drain in the floor, but it still makes a mess all around the cupboard. It felt dangerous, just one part, that is lowering into the chair with one foot in and one foot out of the step that I have to get over to get into the shower. It’d be good if there was a little more space. I also managed to get myself cereal. I can get myself cereal, but I can’t also take it to a chair or table, with crutches. This is part of my movement project. If I want something, try to do as much of it myself as possible. Right now, I’d prefer to be sitting up instead of in bed typing, but I need too much moved out to the chair. I’ll sit up again later. The weight-bearing on the knee is pretty good, just the bending needs more work. Sitting and stretching. The little finger on my right hand has been hurting today. This has created some anxiety. More bone problems, in that little spot? But I have had a few pains come and go, not everything has to be Bad. It’s just that each little thing has the potential to be so. I can’t pretend it isn’t scary. I chant for it to go.  Also, when I meditate, it dissipates into nothing much, and the realisation of the strength of living still in me.


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