Feelings change

Over the past 24 hours, nothing much has changed – except my feelings. Here I am, moving from bed to chair, gradually getting slightly easier with moving around, reading, talking, writing, watching. In between, my feelings move from joy, peace, despair, hopelessness, pointlessness, weariness, contentment, frustration, hope, confidence, fear, anxiety, acceptance, resistance. And more. I observe the feelings. I observe that they pass, even the bad ones. Sometimes they pass because I move from one place to another. Sometimes they pass because I talk to people. Sometimes they pass because of a thought, because of what I’m watching or reading. Sometimes I have no idea why they pass, they just do, like the weather. They are one of the facets of being alive.


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One response to “Feelings change

  1. How beautiful it is that you allow the feelings to just come and go. It is such beautiful awareness, is it not that is does not have to be ‘more’ than just simply feeling. How delicious to just simply feel, letting the feelings pass move through. It’s also fascinating to notice what ‘sticks’ as well from time to time. And those moments are certainly a barometer of our own alignment with the Self.
    Good for you….. Many blessings, Imaya

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