The Jane Austen Book Club

“Sylvia thought how all parents wanted an impossible life for their children – happy beginning, happy middle, happy ending. No plot of any kind. What uninteresting people would result if parents got their way.” (p178)“ ‘I guess I think we all deserve more than we earn,’ said Sylvia, ‘if that makes any sense. I’d like the world to be forgiving.’” (p237) 

Two quotes that I enjoyed from this book. But overall, I found it a little disappointing. I liked the characters, but I’d like to have had all of them explored in more detail. I didn’t find myself caring enough about any of them, although I found all of them interesting in as much as I knew about them. I think this book would make a better movie than novel, because good actors would add the richness that isn’t quite there in the text, in my opinion. Not as comfortable as Mc Call Smith’s
Edinburgh that I visited last week.


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