An equal music

I have just started reading An Equal Music, by Vikram Seth. I am greatly enjoying it so far. As soon as he started, in
Hyde Park, my mind settled right into it. I love that setting, reminding me of the first time I lived in
London for an extended period, in Shepherd’s Bush, on the Central Line. I walked through
Hyde Park, looked in the Serpentine (that apparently has a swimming club!), visited people in flats like the ones he describes. It is so wonderful to open my book here in Darwin, and move briefly to
I care immediately about these characters – I’m not sure why, as I am not very musical myself. But Michael’s dedication – not quite complete – to his talent, from his
Northern England background is attractive. His comments and descriptions of the others around him is creating a range of characters who already stand alone as people I want to know more about, both as themselves, and as how they will interact with Michael.
It is good to have found another book I want to fall into. 


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