On having faith and letting go

When I read and think and feel about producing positive outcomes in life – through faith, prayer, meditation, chanting, manifesting, positive thinking – almost any strategy – there is always this paradox at some stage. The paradox that one has to have complete and utter faith in the outcome, as well as simultaneously letting go of the outcome. As though it is the thought, the mental pattern itself, which is the active component, not the ‘burden’ of the thought, the actual responsibility for the action happening. It is, like so much else spiritual, a reconciliation of opposites. Sometimes I have a feeling that the two states can and do co-exist in me for a wonderful moment. A moment in which I have complete faith in the outcome, without the pressure of an enormous attachment to the outcome. The attachment part is so difficult. I worry, if I give up the attachment, if I let go of the attachment, am I not also letting go of the faith that it will happen? But that is a ‘rational’ argument. I think it is more of a koan. Something that must be approached non-rationally, through meditation, through being. Sometimes I contemplate these ideas – a meandering, random way of letting my mind play with and observe the thoughts that appear. Not trying to repress or judge the thoughts, but not directing them either. It would be good for me, right now, to find that balance. There is joy in faith. There is also joy in letting go of attachment to outcome. Sometimes I feel weary of striving always to be so positive, so faithful. I am industrious – although (judgement!) – I could always be more industrious. But I realise that I do what I am. That is all I can do, and it is where I am right now. Perhaps one is always simultaneously having faith in the outcome and giving up the outcome. Perhaps that is how it is.



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4 responses to “On having faith and letting go

  1. Ah, such is the experience and expression of living a life in this reality called physical. Duality and the polarized dynamics demonstrated certainly stir the mind to movie one way or another. To let go of a resultant conclusion, or attachment, is a step unto freedom. Beyond mind, (the ego mind) beyond body, if even for a few moments. It’s what the human species is evolving toward.
    May you journey well in your travels upon your path finding yourself only to let go more and more and more. Some call it the ‘middle road’. It’s a beautiful place to dwell.
    Many blessings, Imaya

  2. Thanks Imaya. What I would like to ask you, having looked around your site and how you see creating reality with thoughts – do you find letting go of the attachment to the outcome, you still create the reality? That is the question, for me.

  3. myinneredge

    I never really understand Koans-I do love what they do to my mind! Here is the introduction to Joshu’s Four Gates: “When a clear mirror is set up, the beautiful and the ugly are spontaneously distinguished. With a sharp sword in hand, killing and giving life depend on the time. Life is found within death and death is found within life. Now tell me, when you get to this point, then what? Without the eye to penetrate barriers and a place to turn around, here you will be helpless. Tell me, what is the eye to penetrate barriers and the place to turn yourself around?”

  4. Thank you. This is very relevant.

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