As good as it gets

Today is always as good as it gets. Because it is as good as it is, and that is all there is. Even with all my meditation, contemplation and reflection, it is difficult to stay non-judgementally in this truth. Thinking this is as good as it gets tends to make me feel tragic, lost. But actually, that’s because it’s still a future thought, it’s still thinking as though it’s as good as it’s ever going to be. Which is a totally different thing, because there is just no way of knowing that, no matter what the situation is. No way of judging external or internal circumstances for the future. Externally, things can get better or worse or stay the same. Everyone is always in this exact same position. There are various likelihoods, probabilities, of each of these events. Both likely and unlikely things happen all the time. Today I am going to go to bowling with my kids. I don’t think I’ll be doing any bowling, just watching. But I will be there with them, and I hope we will have fun. I can ring my brother to say happy birthday and ring my son and talk about how the uni course is going and whether he’s going to get a job. And I’ll carry on reading and writing and stretching and moving this knee – keep tapping the foot up and down while I write. Keep being aware of how good it is. Right now.  


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