What is it about Columbo?

Tonight I was feeling melancholy, due to another random, unexpected symptom that has popped up over the past few days on and off – a temporary loss of sensation around my nose of all things, that makes me worry about the facial nerve. But then I watched another episode of the old TV detective show, Columbo. For some reason, it cheers me up, gives me a different perspective. First of all, there is the sudden death (usually remarkably easily accomplished), which creates another life/death perspective in my mind, a more comfortable one. Then there is Columbo’s particular techniques of investigation, and the enjoyment of watching him put together the pieces. And then there is the character’s own attitude to what he is doing. In tonight’s episode, he shared a bottle of dessert wine with the murderer in the closing scenes. He has a type of loving-kindness, compassionate, non-judgementalism that is most unusual in a murder mystery situation. It is not that he admires the criminals, but that he doesn’t judge them. Things just are as they are.  I’m stocking up on Columbo at the K-Mart sale!


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