Truth changes

Thinking about my life, about what I’ve written here, in journals, in stories…the ‘truth’ itself changes all the time. It is not one solid, even when you experience, think, feel, write it, it is a living, vibrating, changing entity. How much more once it is ‘past’, when it can only ever be a story, the story of a moment. On a DVD I saw last week, The Thing About My Folks, the son, as a teenager, finds a letter written just before his birth in which his mother complains about his father working all the time and neglecting her. The son keeps the letter for 30 years, then confronts his father with it. Later his mother sees it too. And she confirms, it was only the truth of that moment, before her son’s birth. Yet, for the son, it has been a 30 year ‘truth’, because that is how he read it, when it never really was for the people involved. I would not like anyone to think anything I write or have written was a permanent truth for me. When they say everything changes, that definitely includes the truth.Google


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