The incredible lightness of being

I love that phrase, ‘the incredible lightness of being’. There is a book and movie called ‘the unbearable lightness of being’. That always fascinated me, too, although I haven’t read or seen it.  

‘The incredible lightness of being’ perfectly describes a feeling of freedom and harmony with everything, in the present. It can happen during meditation, often if I’m lucky, and sometimes, blessedly, it just happens. It is a feeling of light as opposed to darkness, and also a feeling of light as opposed to weight. 

Other times are heavy and dark and weighty and full of a sense of catastrophe. And then the darkness and weight peel away and float off, and the incredible lightness of being is still there. Thank God.  

So next time I feel the incredible heavy darkness of being, perhaps I will drop everything and meditate. It isn’t easy, of course, to start meditating from such a state. But then nothing is easy from such a state. And also, it’s fine to just lie here and observe sadness and thoughts and see if the letting go might happen, and if it does it does, and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. And accepting that seems to help it happen. Accepting it is part of the divinity of everything, of what is right now, and that it changes, instead of fighting to overcome.  

Any time we are fully present, we are meditating, always healing, always alive.


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