Purpose and peace

So many of us want so much to be helping, to be making a contribution to our world, other people, other living creatures, the planet. We are driven by this, always judging ourselves, the way we spend our time, on how useful it is to some wider purpose, social or creative.  

There is nothing wrong with helping, with working for the greater good, with creating the new and wonderful. Except often I see it leading people into dissatisfaction with themselves, with who they are, because they are always wanting to do more, to have done more.  

I’ve been re-reading some of my old journals, and so often I was dissatisfied with what was a vibrant, happy, exciting and fulfilling life. I was being all that I could be, but I didn’t realise it. I was choosing and being authentically, in and of myself, but I was making judgements then about my life that had to do with the outcomes that I had no control over.  I see others do this all the time too. It is what I am still trying to let go of now.  

I feel now deeply that if we relax into who we truly are, then our being, our existence, is a blessing to others. This is the way it is. Each of us is a vibrant thread of life, inspiringly linked to the next in its very essence. That is our purpose, to be what we are, today. Everything else flows from there, everything else is extra. 


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