Better than yesterday

Everything is much better this morning. Not physically, I guess it’s similar, although my face is a bit more relaxed, but nose is not right. But I feel bright and my head feels clear. I slept well and didn’t wake up until 8.30. The past few mornings, I’ve been waking up early and still tired and it’s most frustrating – why not sleep? 

This morning I’ve put on my 70s video hits CD and I’m doing some of my sitting and lying down dancing physio and writing. I feel like just having fun. I have no appointments today. Maybe we’ll go out for lunch. Or maybe not.  

Note: I do so want to cling to this lightness again! Already I’m afraid of it fading, of it being tentative – I don’t want to look at it too hard, I don’t want to disturb it, in case it vanishes away again. That’s how it is. But also I am enjoying it.


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