No final decisions yet on next week, for there is still this week to go through…I had blood tests today and at 5pm got a call to go up to the hospital because I had low potassium levels. I put it off until tomorrow because I would have been there all night.  

Before I had been feeling energetic and well and my legs, both of them, had been feeling stronger and more flexible. We went to the pool again this afternoon, and my son came too and played in the water while I was walking up and down. We had fun. I was thinking, perhaps I’ll be walking soon, I feel like I can.  

Then I get the phone call, and am told how low potassium ‘can cause all kinds of problems’. So now what? Just lie down again? I did at first, and felt deflated. So I have done a little moving around still. For in what way am I different? How can a number on a blood printout make a difference to how I am feeling? It doesn’t. I do still feel well, I do still have energy. But I’ll take it easy. And do tomorrow when it comes.


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One response to “Contradictions

  1. kathleensue55

    Dear Kim:
    How you feel is what matters MOST! It is amazing isn’t it…I’m feeling good and then the doctor calls to tell me I’m not? Well …I AM!! Think strong, be strong. Feel Good? Enjoy it! Listen to what the doctor says…but ALWAYS listen to your own body. Know your body, Know your Self…There is Great Wisdom in the Body Temple…the Wisdom of the Soul that dwells within …in the Stillness She will guide you…
    I send loving, healing prayers to you…with love, light and Blessings…Kathleen
    ps…new posts on my blog-physical challenges-Challenge Is Opportunity…I hope it helps in some way. Have a Glorious day!

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