Staying alive

The Bee Gees cover concert was fun. I had a great view from the wheelchair – don’t know about the person behind me, but I was level with the stage, and I could see over the whole audience. People were up and dancing at their seats, in the aisles. I did lots of wheelchair dancing, which I’m sure was very good for my knee, although both my feet are more puffed up today, from being kept in more normal positions and used, last night and today.  

So that was much better than being in hospital. The crowd was even dancing in the interval to ‘Simply the best’. And Staying Alive was a very good song for me. We’ve had the Bee Gees playing in the car today.  

All of us went shopping for some Easter chocolates today, and I went to watch my son play basketball, and we got to the pool, even though it rained just when we were going to go.  

Very active, very lively.


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