Two beautiful days

The inspiration of my son arriving Friday night, and my sister arriving last night has been wonderful. Being with them is a breath of life and freshness. Yesterday I talked to Stephen about his life in
Melbourne, and it is all so perfectly suited to him, most especially all the philosophers he has met. Today, we have had a glorious Easter morning, co-ordinated by
Marion, with chocolate designs draped everywhere. We all went to the pool, and watched the sunset over Nightcliff beach. Everyone wished on the first star.

Tonight we watched Gerald Durrell, all lying together on my bed. Then Gillian and I talked and shared time. She did some reflexology on my feet, deliciously relaxing. Everything was close, everything was together, everything was wonderful.  I feel so peaceful and at one with what is, and with those I love. 

These have been days of moving into the moment. To start with, there was a fear in me, still, of ‘not getting it right’, of ‘not appreciating all that is’.  I read yesterday in Tolle’s Practicing the power of now, about just observing what he calls the ‘pain-body’ – anything at all that is resisting your being in the moment. Don’t even try to dissolve it or let it go, don’t judge it, he says, just observe. So when the fear, the doubt, the planning for what would/should happen next was sneaking in, I just noticed. And somehow, it was replaced with…merriment.  

My two principles for today: observe, and listen. Listen and respond to what is happening in my body and all around, as it happens. And it was as if so much more did happen. Because I allowed it, because I was in it.  

I feel young and inexperienced in being this way. Let’s hope for more merry days.


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