“Tell them I’ve had a great life. Too short, but great.”

It’s Kim’s son writing here, just wanting to let people know that sadly Kim passed away on May 19th, having been in palliative care in the company of her family and friends since mid-April. From the experience of being around her in the final months of her life, I can maintain that having this outlet for her thoughts and observations was an enriching potentiality for her, and she gained strength and happiness from the positive comments of anyone who happened to discover it.

I wish you all the best in your struggles with illness. Kim would be glad if she knew her writing continued, even in her radical absence, to function as a source of strength for life.



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3 responses to ““Tell them I’ve had a great life. Too short, but great.”

  1. Shyma

    All words would seem absolutely inadequate at this moment. Your mothers words do help me thru life every day. I do hope you find the strength to cope with your loss. Take Care and God Bless.

  2. myinneredge

    Dear Friends,
    Kim was my cyber-acquaintance and I was honored to know her for a short time–too short. I hope you’ll read and take comfort in her words and learn from her incredible fortitude, determination and honesty.
    Warm blessings to all.

  3. I recently lost my father, although our stories are different…we share the same life…your mother would be proud…Live in her memory and she will always be by your side…

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